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DVR / NVR Standalone
The SNR-3250 is a high-quality, high performance network-based video recorder supporting up to 32 network streams. The NVR iscompatible with the SNM-128S/P, Samsung Network Manegementsoftware and provides seamless interoperatibilty with SamsungTechwin IP devices and other manufacturer"s IP devices.


Features :
• Record up to 32 audio/video streams
• Record up to 960fps(N)/800fps(P)
• Record up to 480fps(N)/400fps(P) at full D1 resolution
• MPEG-4/JPEG dual codec
• Support RAID1, NAS connection and 4 expansion bay
• CMS management software and web viewer support
• Front LCD window for easy configuration
frameDVR / NVR Standalone SAMSUNG SRN-3250 IP
SAMSUNG SRD-1650/1650D(C) 16ch
INFINITY DV-3116 16ch
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