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Door sensor dengan sistem pin dan sirene

Model : AL103
Description : Door/window Sensor Alarm

Features :

- Can Be constructed alarm system to enlarge protect area
- FSK two-way communication to ensure any one is triggered which will cause the rest unit alarming in the the constructed security system
- Once powerful magnet is placed at rear of it, alarm will be triggered immediat
- Easy to program 4 to 6 digits security code
- Mounted on door/window frame
- Battery low indicator
- Power operation 2 x AA ( not included)
- Magnetc contact can be placed either side of unit
- Alarm activated when magnetic contact is separated
- 30 seconds exit delay & 10 second entry delay
- Keypad or remote to management unit are available
- Ultra-loud 130dB siren
- Dimensions 63 x 85 x 21mm (W x H x D)

Note :

AL110 4pcs x AA 373 days 366 days
AL103 2pcs x AA 206 days 202 days
AL101 2pcs x AAA 2 years 1.5 years
AL106 2pcs x AA 206 days 202 days
AL568 2pcs CR1632 2 years
AL703 3pcs x AA 3.7 years 2.5 years
AL706 2pcs x AA 3.8 years 2 years

The data is from formula base on the actual quality batteries.
(AA =>2800mAh/ 1.5V)
(AAA =>985mAh/ 1.5V)
(CR2032 =>230mAh/ 3V)
frameALGRAD AL103
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